TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants
TRB Pro™️-  Tactical Pants

TRB Pro™️- Tactical Pants

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TRB Pro™️- The Only Pants That Can Take On Any Challenge

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TRB Pro Pant is an updated tactical pant that features a modern, straight fit as well as our proprietary Flexlite Rip-stop fabric that is highly durable and allows for extreme mobility in all situations. With 9 pockets and a redesigned rear pocket you'll be able to carry all your every day carry essentials. Whether it's for work or the range, the TRB™ Pro is ready.


Super Flexible & Durable- Stretchy fabrics that are more comfortable and not suffocating yet durable and compact making it resistant to any tears or sudden ripping.

Water Resistant- Repels water with ease and keeps you dry. Which means you can enjoy the outdoors without tracking any wetness, mud or smelly odors into the house.

Multiple Pockets- 2 zipper pockets and 2 velcro strapped pockets to ensure maximum safety and protection for all your belongings. So you can do various tasks without losing anything.

Perfect For Everyday Use- Perfect for trekking, hiking, rock climbing,on the job and even for just fashion purposes. You can wear the Trans Tech anywhere and always be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Ergonomic Knee Design- Which allows you to stay more agile and flexible in any position. So you can perform at your best without any knee pain.

Are you looking for the right pair of pants that are as tough as you? You're just in luck. With the Trans Tech™️ we created a pair of pants that are longer lasting, more comfortable, and nearly indestructible. Allowing you to perform at your best every single day.

Made from high grade IX9 material that the marines depend on each and everyday. Allowing them to perform to the best of there abilities day in and day  out. Made with anti-tear triangular upshift stretch fibers that are comfortable yet durable and full body resistant make up. Ensuring that pants will last any tough conditions and adventures without any signs of damaging, tearing, or discoloration,

Uniquely formulated with multiple pocket designs.on the front and on the sides. Designed with zipper and velcro pockets to keep your belongings stowed away safe and sound. Deep, spacious, and keeps your hands free at all times.

Double reinforcement knee design that delivers you optimal comfort and allows you to move in any plane of motion with no problem. Keeping you more flexible and agile when performing any task.

 Made from some of the most advanced technology in the world we were able to create a more unique and comfortable pair of pants that you can fully operate in day in and day out. Happily the Trans Tech™️ comes out on top again and again as the crowd favorite each and every single year based on our positive customer feedback and how many people write us telling us how much they love them. Get yours today so you to can take on lifes challenges in the right pair of pants.